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3 reasons social media networks make the perfect marketing platforms

Social media marketing is growing in importance and popularity with every passing day. More and more businesses, both those just starting out and multinational corporations, are realising how essential a social media presence is. But why?

What actually makes a social media account such a good marketing platform? Here are three key reasons.

1. Affordability

Every business, whether they’ve just started or have been trading for over a century, knows the importance of getting the most for your money.

Social media offers a fantastic cost-benefit over other more traditional marketing methods. In most cases, your social media account is totally free, though some platforms may offer premium upgrades to offer improved functionality and usability.

Even if you’re paying, it’s still a fantastic investment considering the minimal cost versus the broad spread of the reach you’re getting – which brings me to the second benefit.

2. Reach

Social media is a modern phenomenon that’s increasing in scope every single day – people from all over the world, no matter their background or circumstances, mostly have a social media account of some type.

That gives you, as a business, a simple, concise avenue to communicate with an overwhelmingly large pool of potential customers.

It works both ways, it gives potential customers an avenue to engage with you easily and effectively too, and customers always give their business to those who make the effort to communicate clearly and responsively with them.

3. Customisation

Your social media account is another little slice of your space on the internet. That means you can do with it pretty much anything you want, to better promote your business and service.

You can make sure your social media account carries your branding – your logos, your images, your taglines.

You can begin to cultivate a community beyond a simple customer base by opening the doors to your business and sharing your experience and know-how, as well as your products and services.

You have a vast array of options to engage with your customers however you like.

These are just three of many reasons social media marketing is an investment you should be making today. Contact me to find out more!

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