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4 social media mistakes you may be making

Social media marketing is a great way to connect with customers and build your brand. In today’s digital world, it is essential every business has a social media presence. The only thing worse for a business than not using social media, however, is using social media incorrectly. Are you making any of the following social media mistakes?

1. Not posting regularly

If your social media accounts are dead and inactive, potential customers who stumble across your social media pages may think your company is out of business. Similarly, if an individual sends a customer service query to one of your social media pages and does not get a response, they will feel ignored and frustrated by your company.

2. Posting the wrong content

Not all social media platforms are alike, and it is important you recognise this. For example, if you are posting overly formal, text-based content on Instagram, it will most likely be ignored. This type of content, however, may be well suited to your LinkedIn page. You must carefully consider the audience for each social media platform you use and tailor your content to this audience.

3. Posting too often

While it may seem a contradiction, as well as posting regularly you must be sure not to post too much. A daily social media post per platform you use will be enough content to keep your audience engaged. If you start posting too often, your customers will unfollow your social media pages as they may begin to feel as though your content is spam.

4. Being overly sales-focused

While naturally, you’ll want to use your social media platforms to promote your brand and services, this should not be the only thing you offer your audience. Share content you think your audience may enjoy and collaborate with other brands on social media; for example, if your business sells fabric, work with a sewing machine company to create craft ideas. This way, your audience won’t feel you are forcing your products or services on them and they will get a better understanding of who you are as a company.

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