About Barrie Le Gall

Freelancing Since 2010

In 2010, after working at marketing agencies, companies (working in-house as a marketing manager), I setup FoundUB4 Ltd (trading as Barrie Le Gall), Providing and managing search and social media strategies to companies and agencies of all sizes to ensure their social media campaigns generate a ROI that out performs many other consultants. 

I currently have over 19 years hand on technical experience in search & social media marketing.

I have experience working with businesses of all sizes and from all industries — from small local driving schools to large global corporations.

I have worked with global brands such as Coca-Cola, Fanta, & Sennheiser across industries as diverse as crypto currencies, consumer goods, retail, transport, home design, healthcare and hospitality.

Put simply, there’s no industry that I’m not comfortable in, and with the promise of no hidden extras, you can rest assured that you’re paying for first class services and nothing else.

With my extensive background in digital marketing consulting, I can provide your business with the expertise you need to find success online .

Who I Work With

So, what type of companies do I work with?

I work with all business types, my clients have included globally recognised names, to small local businesses in both the UK, and internationally, to large businesses and PLCs, all looking for a online marketing consultant who will deliver.

Just have a look through the client and testimonial pages to see some of the companies and businesses I work with, or take a look at my LinkedIn profile where you can see more recommendations I’ve received over the years.

One of the biggest reasons people also don’t want to hire a Digital Marketing Expert is the cost.

You may have the knowledge on how to use social media and the ability to create well-worded posts, but that isn’t enough to turn your followers into customers.

The skills that social media consultants learn have taken years to understand and more importantly, get it right.

Hiring someone who knows what they’re doing from the get go will save you money in the long run and provide you with instantaneous results.

SEO (search engine optimisation) is so important in the online world in this day and age.

To get yourself noticed, to have customers land on your website before any of your competitors, or even to attract viewers to your online video guide you need to use impeccable SEO.

SEO is also very useful on social media (essentially, hashtags are a form of SEO). Use the right SEO = drive followers to your website/e-commerce store or shop.)

My Experience

Barrie is a professional with over 19 years background experience in Digital Advertising, SEO and Social Media Marketing who have been working as FoundUB4 since 2010. With over 19 years of experience he knows how best to utilize the power of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as well as Social Media Marketing (SMM) so your business can take advantage of this without the need to be just another number at an agency.

Find out more about my social media expert history on LinkedIn, and free to send me a connection request.

My Values

Client Focus

I don't outsource your work. All work is done by myself only, I don't hire juniors or freelancers.


I always deliver way more value than I charge for. I guess that's why I still have my very 1st client.


In digital marketing both agency & client side. (SEO & Social Media). I love what I do, which is I strive to be the best at what I do.

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