Amazing Facts About Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Amazing Facts


The digital marketing industry is changing at an incredible pace. From the changes to social media algorithms to Google rankings, new strategies are being developed on a daily basis. To help you understand what lies ahead, here are some amazing facts about digital marketing that will surely surprise you!

Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, such as web sites, social media, mobile phones, or computer displays. Digital marketing is also referred to as ‘online marketing’, ‘web marketing’ or ‘internet marketing’ and is a subset of traditional marketing.Source: Infogroup CEO, Chris Larsen Does Owning the Channel Mean You’ll Own the Message?

If someone buys a surfboard on television, will they control the message or just get watered-down versions? The same is true for our online-based success, and how it’s received.

How do users interact with your digital marketing? Are they reading the content you create? Getting a feeling for this will give you a leg-up on your competitors.

What if You Could Insert an Interstitial? This is definitely one of those ideas that no one ever thought of. Yet by introducing a small box with the message you want to drive users to when they visit your site, you can almost force users to act on that message. Was the Core Message Obscured by Large Content Blocks? While separated into blogs, news articles, and videos, we ensure our site runs smoothly by separating large content blocks and splitting clicks by suited-for-video meta tags and smart micro-copy.

This helps users escape from small units in the hope of diving deep into something relevant. Source: WiderFunnel The Value of Delivering a Scroll-Focused Message Users are busy people, and scroll-focused messages are their best chance to wrap their minds around complex topics.

Although this concept may seem old-fashioned, it still works. These messages have proven to increase the number of actions the users take on your site, which benefits you massively.

Moreover, they provide a proper user experience that guides them through the purchase decision journey. If you can effectively create useful scroll-focused experiences, it will increase your conversion rate. The number of time users spend on your site is one of the most important statistics to measure in digital marketing. If you want to increase the bottom line, then you must cater for cross-device user behaviour.

  • What are the benefits of digital marketing?

Digital Marketing is a marketing strategy that uses digital tools such as blogs, search engines, and social media. It’s a growing field and is becoming more and more popular as more and more businesses and people turn to the internet to find information and others.

Digital Marketing is a great tool for building brand awareness and reaching out to potential clients and customers.It is also the perfect marketing strategy when companies need to improve their visibility in online search communities.

What so many people don’t realize is that the internet is filled with paid services such as paid search! Paid search is not a new concept and has existed throughout history.

Essentially, it’s an internet advertising strategy based on the principle of “pay once and we will optimize your ad forever.” History shows us that when someone searches for something, they want it in the form of publicly available information.

Paid search is one way businesses find and capture this sort of information, and in turn, we as an industry need to use this strategy! So if your task is to find your audience online and better reach them with your product or service, then you will need to understand how the free/paid market works.

Paid search is very profitable online if done correctly, but we frequently hear complaints from brand marketers who don’t know what to expect or how to advise their clients/bosses when it comes to paid search.

You’ll quickly find that there are a lot of things that are different between free and paid search and this post is going to focus on those. When paid search gets mixed up with other marketing strategies, such as SEO, it can be very confusing, and worse yet, misleading. Let’s take a look at what the best practices are concerning paid search, and when you should be using what strategy instead. #1 Paid Search is Difficult to Measure and Track The long-term saving of most brands when it comes to paid search is its (often swift) return on investment.

  • How does digital media marketing work?

Digital media marketing is a lot of different things, but it can be broken down into four primary areas:

1) Search Engine Marketing,

2) Social Media Marketing,

3) Display Advertising, and

4) Content Marketing.

Search Engine Marketing is about getting your website or business found by people who are looking for your products or services.Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about getting your business page in front of the right people so you can be found when it comes to people who are searching for your product/service.

Social media marketing is about having your business connected socially with other positive organizations who want to help spread your message.

Display advertising is advertising that occurs over the internet such as advertising mediums that are spread across the internet like banner ads and popups. Content Marketing is the combination of search engine optimization and social media marketing where a business creates marketing materials to attract new potential customers, supporters, and clients.

That is the method that I will discuss today. Hopefully it will take some time to type out all these amazing facts. Even though the list is amazing, so are the statistics! According to KPMG, about 96% of all Internet users are searching online at least once a day.

Therefore, if you have not implemented a website into your overall marketing program, you may definitely want to start now. Social Media is one area that is sure to skyrocket in use in the near future. According to eMarketer Research, Social Media Marketing is the number one trend that has overtaken online advertising over the last decade. What Wondered… How Did Search Engine Management Tactics Change When Search Engine Marketing was Introduced? SEO The SEO process, also known as Search Engine Optimization, refers to the time period prior to your website getting crawled by the search engines. In other words, the SEO process prior to getting indexed is how you build the links and authority to boost your ranking above other websites (aka the “front page of the Internet”).

  • What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is the process of using social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service. Your company can use social media in a few different ways to promote and sell your products and services. Some examples of social media marketing include: * Social networking: Your company can use social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn to connect with customers.The most popular use of these networks is to engage with your existing customers.

However, it’s important to find ways to congregate your potential customers online. There are many tools that allow you to encourage your potential customers to vote on your products. They can also provide you with their email address in case they want to communicate further with you. * Customer service:

Customers can put on a presence online by answering customer service requests. Some companies allow customers to post videos, photos, or review their product directly within their social media platforms.

* Online advertising: It’s important to stay in front of your potential customers. Look at the ways that you can advertise with digital marketing tools like displays, billboards, and social media. There are various tools to track your online advertising campaigns and validate your spending. * Content creation: It’s important to remember that social media does not necessarily have to be a waste of time.

The integration of your brand with other content-related media channels such as blogs, video, podcasts, and e-books can increase brand awareness and enhance your web visibility. * Online affiliate marketing: Using Seller Central and other platforms, your company can opt to get paid for referring traffic to your website.

Some examples of this include: Instagram ads with sponsored posts Everlane coupons A/B tests and other experiments For more information, visit Email marketing revolves around the conversion of visitors to leads, or converting them to purchases. It is utilizing an email platform as a contact method. To promote and spread your brand awareness online, it’s essential to connect with your audience through email marketing. Email marketing can take two different approaches. In one scenario, it is known as email newsletter SEO.

  • How do Facebook ads work?

Facebook is the best place to start when it comes to making money from your blog. A simple method for making money from your blog is to add an ad at the end of every post.

When you add an ad, Facebook will target it to people who fit the criteria you’ve set and they’ll show it to them in their feed.Now before you start freaking out, I’ve come to learn that this kind of thing isn’t as common as one would think, having learned this two years ago from a marketing channel that loses a lot of money every day 🙂

Ghost Writing can be a great way to get ahead of the competition! Ask Jonathon Colman how he became an acclaimed ghost writer for Hollywood A-listers such as Sandra Bullock, Samuel L. Jackson and Barack Obama. He recently shared stories about working for Barack Obama directly on Medium.

SEOs can learn to be awesome writers who can write within the voice that their audience wants to read while Social Media really helps with all forms of creative content marketing. LinkedIn is the #1 Social Network used by Executives when hiring Developers.

Former LinkedIn CEO Reid Hoffman was quoted as saying, “If you’re not sitting in a meeting sharing business ideas, you’re probably wasting your time.” Just like with every other tool and toolbox out there, there’s a reason why LinkedIn works the way it does. So what does that mean exactly? When a new developer first joins a team, they’ll immediately try to connect with everyone.

This way, they can start building a relationship with their teammates and becoming friends. If we identify the right kinds of influential people, we can really change the way people think at an early stage.

This is the reason why I’m all in for LinkedIn! So now that we’ve covered some amazing statistics, here are some practical tips you can implement using these inbound marketing tactics to find more editors, more publications and build better relationships: Listed Resources

If you’re relocating and/or working away from home, there are some really amazing resources to turn to.


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