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Driving leads and sales for your driving school

Driving schools face a very competitive market, and it can be hard to get the upper hand.

When you’ve just turned 17 and are nervously planning your first lessons, it’s often more about word-of-mouth than a Google search.

Many instructors and driving schools who successfully teach one student to drive are likely to also take on his or her friend. And then they’ll take on their friends, until it seems that half of the college or sixth form have got in on the act.

So how do you get the first student on board? How do you generate a buzz? And how do you gain a solid reputation in a sector that relies on it?

FoundUB4 put your school in the drivers’ seat

FoundUB4 have been in the business for 18 years, with longstanding clients in many sectors. We’re experts in all things social media and SEO, and know how to get your driving school noticed by potential customers.

Whether it’s a well-placed Facebook ad on a 17-year-old’s feed, or making sure that you appear above your competitors on Google through search engine optimisation, we’ll help you to make the most of the online sphere — generating leads, traffic and sales.

We’ll look closely at your business — what you provide, who your customers are and what you could be doing differently. We’ll also look at your competitors to find out what they’re doing differently, and whether you can learn anything from them.

From there, we’ll formulate a bespoke strategy and implement the plan.

More specifically, we’ll work on:

• An engagement and brand recognition strategy — making sure that your business is on the tip of peoples’ tongues when they need a driving school.
• Social media marketing — ensuring that you harness Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter to their full potential, and gain more and more exposure online
Paid advertising creation and management.
• SEO services to suit your budget and needs.

With an expert marketing consultant at its disposal, your driving school will quickly pique the interest of learner drivers of all ages — and make sure that they come to you first. Pass rates don’t count for anything if your business isn’t visible, and a single student going to a competitor can result in a raft of missed sales.

So get in touch today, and get your driving school on the road to success — whether you’re a local or national outfit.

Give us a call on 07590 329204, or visit our contact page: https://www.foundub4.co.uk/contact

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