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So, you’ve tried advertising on Facebook, Instagram & TikTok, but it’s expensive and has no ROI?

My Social Media Advertising on Facebook, Instagram & TikTok helps you achieve better results at a lower cost.
Barrie Le Gall

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Social Media Ads Management

Question: Do you find Facebook ads are expensive and take a lot of time to set up?

Benefit: Barrie Le Gall makes it easy to setup, manage, and optimse Facebook Ads.

Solution: Get the results you need without all of the headaches.

Facebook Advertising Consultancy

Facebook is one of the most powerful platforms for digital advertising, and I have invested a lot of time and money in my knowledge of Facebook and Instagram advertising  that rivals any agency in this the UK.

Most agencies outsource their work to freelancers who are not trained in advanced Facebook advertising, but I offer a bespoke service where I will get to know your business, target customer, and goals before coming up with an advertising plan.

How am I going to get your social media ads performing better?
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Facebook Ads Support

I work with you in a number of ways to manage your Facebook / Instagram and TikTok ads.

Ads Support: I will work together with your team to provide your business with the needed support to take your online presence to another level.

Ads Consultancy: I can provide your business expert advice on an ad-hoc basis.
Ads Manager: Lay your social media burdens on me, relax, and watch me handle everything – from creating ads and artwork on a regular basis, to lead/sales generation. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, I do it all!

I’m not a “bargain basement” Facebook advertising consultant.

There are many companies out there who will “do” your facebook advertising for peanuts; they may or may not deliver anything which actually supports your business goals and your brand image.

My absolute minimum monthly fee is £650.00, because I put a significant baseline of time into understanding your business even before I create a single social media advert or start to optimise your social networks.

I also don’t hire junior marketers or outsource any of your work – your marketing campaigns will be taken care of by myself only.

This isn’t vital for all businesses, so if you’re looking for the cheapest possible option, please talk to my competitors instead. “Click Here

All pricing for working with me is charged based on the time needed to plan, build and manage your Ads campaign. 

My pricing is simple and transparent. I will assess your campaign and provide a quote for the time I will need on a monthly basis to achieve your goals.

When it comes to what I do, it’s simple really, I turn a social media advertising strategy into a hub of activity that converts your target audience into loyal customers. 


What Guarantees Do I Offer?

If you are expecting results over night then I’m not the right person for you. social media advertising, including Facebook ads, Instagram ads & TikTok advertising, SEO, etc. is all about testing and learning so my clients need to come on board with that mindset.

I can’t make any guarantees as no one knows what Facebook, Instagram & TikTok are going to do, however I promise that I will do the best job I can and I will be entirely transparent on the results, including advising if we should stop the ads.  I will treat your budget as if it was my own money.

Barrie Consultancy

Together, we can make your social media ads convert better!

These are some reasons why you’d consider hiring an ads manager but I want you to know this comes at a price.

I’m not cheap and that’s for good reason.

There is A LOT of work that goes into managing ads. Here are just some of the things I am doing behind the scenes.


  • Researching your audiences (meaning hours of finding your perfect clients inside of Facebook)
  • Building your audiences
  • Uploading email lists, FB fans and building warm audiences, engaged audiences, look-a-like audiences, video watchers, etc.
  • Create the ad creative (designing / searching for images)
  • Creating the ad copy and headline
  • Putting a strategy together for when the ads will run and for when ads will be retargeted (and how and to what audiences)
  • Installing pixels, confirming their working
  • Testing all pages/opt ins to ensure everything is working
  • Reviewing landing pages (and sometimes creating landing pages)
  • Building the ads in ads manager and running the ads
  • Monitoring them daily and optimising/scaling/reviewing stats
  • Making determinations on what ads will perform and which ones to turn off
  • Monitoring insights and communicating with you weekly (if not daily) on the status on the ads
  • Troubleshooting when ads are tanking

Unique Bespoke Social Media Marketing Solutions

I’m here to Help you to generate leads and increase sales with Facebook, Instagram & TikTok, Pay Per Click, Training, consultancy and management services.

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