Facebook Advertising for Startups


Did you know that Facebook is the preferred method of advertising for around 97% of businesses? So what exactly do you need to know about Facebook Advertising for Start-Ups?
So what exactly do you need to know about Facebook Advertising for Start-Ups?


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Did you know that Facebook is the preferred method of advertising for around 97% of businesses? If you are looking to advertise your startup on Facebook, there are a few rules you need to be aware to make sure your ad is the one that is seen over everyone else’s. 

After all, 97% of the global market means a huge amount of advertising and if you are getting it wrong, you can guarantee your competitor is getting it right.

So what exactly do you need to know about Facebook Advertising for Start-Ups?

Facebook and indeed, the world of social media offers entrepreneurs an unparalleled ability to reach new and prospective clients in an easy and immediate manner. Utilising reach and Brand Awareness campaigns, the power is in the hand of the marketers to create an ad that will drive Facebook users to act upon what they are seeing in a targeted setting.

Using the information handed to you by Facebook’s algorithms, you can decide exactly what you want to do with the information you have. The process is quite simple once you have determined your call to action for the specified Facebook ad for your startup.

Your CTA (call to action) can be one of the following – likes and engagement on your ad, increase in brand visibility, click-throughs to a website, or generating sales.

Once you have this you need to be confident you are targeting the correct people with your ad. Ask yourself the following question;

  • Where is your audience based? 
  • What are you offering?
  • Is your product or service aimed at a particular demographic eg parents or Gen Z?
  • What are you hoping your ad will do?
  • How will you follow up potential leads and sales funnels?

But how exactly should you create your targeted ad campaign?

Simply throwing up a caption with or without an image, is simply like throwing away your marketing budget because you can. Depending on your desired result from the ad itself, you need to make sure you generate the correct type of content for the results you desire. Don’t forget, creating ads that fail to perform could be sending your clients to your competitors so you need to get it right.

In social media, everything is instant, so getting it right before you place the ad is vital. A successful Facebook ad campaign for your startup and start generating results almost instantly. But wait, before you send your ad out to the millions of Facebook users, have you determined exactly who needs to see it? 

This is where the algorithms come into play. In the steps to create your perfect Facebook ad, you can decide who you target based on all the aforementioned collected data Facebook holds. Tailor this demographic to whittle down the results to make sure your ad spend is working for you from the get-go.

Pair this with information you hold and the results you are looking to achieve and suddenly you are one step closer to placing an effective Facebook ad for your startup. Alongside this information, you can look back on any previous engagement from past ads if you have and your engagement rate from previous social media posts. All of this will help you determine the category you select when it comes to selecting who should see your post. The best part is, you have the information you need to tailor your ad’s potential audience already for you within Facebook.

Should You Use an Existing Post or Create a Specific Ad?

Again, one you have figured out what you hope the ad will achieve, then you will be better placed to decide the actual content of the app. An existing post which you can ‘boost’ to reach more followers can be efficient if all you want is engagement on the post. However, to entice new clients and get them to click through to see what you offer, you may need to generate a specific ad for this purpose.

This is where we at Found UB4 come in. We are experts in placing successful Facebook ads for startups and we can work with you to create an advertising campaign that hits the right spots from the beginning. Cut out all the guesswork and choose to invest in experience to help your startup reach the people it needs to in real-time via a proven marketing method on social media. Get in touch with us to see how we can help you with Facebook advertising for your startup today.