How To Use Social Media To Promote Your Business In Six Simple Steps

How To Use Social Media To Promote Your Business In Six Simple Steps


There is no denying that social media is now a powerful tool that marketers and business owners use to promote their companies. It is a level playing field for businesses of all sizes to reach their target audience, so you are missing out if your brand is not yet social. However, you need an effective strategy to promote your business on social media. Here’s how to achieve this.


Select Social Media Platforms That Suit Your Company


There are many social media platforms, but you needn’t be on each one to effectively promote your company. This reality is because some platforms work better for particular businesses than others. For instance, LinkedIn should be top of your list if you run a B2B enterprise, while Instagram is perfect for highly visual brands like skincare and makeup companies. Your enterprise’s products and services, personality, type, and target audience should determine platform suitability.


Post Consistently


Social media is meant to be social, so businesses can benefit from running very interactive accounts on their chosen platforms. It is best to post preferably every day or at least bi-daily to keep your audience engaged. If you lack the time, you can partner with a social media expert to manage your accounts and post consistently on your behalf, so keep this in mind. 


Tell Everyone About Your Social Media Presence


Clients must know about your social media presence so they can follow and interact with you. You can simply announce your new presence in a new social media space through an existing platform. Also, tell clients and prospects about your social media presence in person. Your website is also a great place to make people aware of your social media presence. However, remember to add social share buttons to your site so people can make others can spread the word.


Be Personal Online


Modern consumers want to feel connected to their brands, so it is best to display a personal touch to your business online. Any social media consultant worth their salt would recommend giving your target audience a behind-the-scenes look into your company to show its personal side. You can achieve this by putting the spotlight and employees or using the “Stories” feature on some platforms to show each step of a new product or project in real-time. Also, a NewVoiceMedia study reveals that 75% of consumers prefer engaging with a live agent over a bot when interacting with a business via social media. Therefore, avoid automated responses to guarantee a human touch in all interactions.


Research To Create Engaging Content


It is important to set time aside to research what is trending in your industry to create interesting content for your brand’s social media presence. Consumers love trends, so any business that can create content based on what’s new will surely engage their target audience effectively.


Revise Your Content For Relevance

Trends evolve, and so should your content. Therefore, it is prudent to intermittently revisit your content to ensure it is still relevant to your target audience. You may need to delete posts that are no longer relevant or simply give updates about them with new facts and figures to keep your audience engaged.


Takeaway: Social media is vital for all businesses, and these six simple steps will help you effectively promote your enterprise on the right platforms.