Social Media Consultancy For Startups


How a social media consultant can help small businesses and startups with social media marketing. From advertising on Facebook and Instagram through to TikTok advertising.

From daily posting on your companies social media profiles and managing your paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to ensure your PPC spend is well withing budget.

This could be the role of your social media consultant.

For those of you that don’t know me, I’ve been a full-time social media consultant for over 18 years.

I have worked with many B2C and B2B companies to grow their social media presence and develop strategies to ensure they stay ahead of the curve.

I specialise in Facebook Advertising and Instagram Advertising. I also advise companies on their Instagram presence and how to optimise their post performance.

I also advise business owners and startups on their Facebook and Instagram advertising strategies and on growing their account via paid advertising.

However, I do have lots of experience with startups, particularly those acquiring a PPC lead via an Instagram influencer or blogger. And I can get down and dirty on how to best build an account, post results, and profile views. This helps a lot of small businesses and startups.

With my experience in helping B2C and B2B companies, I’m widely known as an expert on social media. And to date, my social media knowledge has been passed down to my students during my courses, enabling me to share our knowledge with students and entrepreneurs.

This article is a breakdown of how I built a leading luxury fashion influencer account, how I managed it for clients, what I learned from building it and how them I can help you too.

“Entrepreneurs are great at setting up a little ecosystem around themselves, and that’s great for matching their consumer needs as they seek more brands to support.” Maayan Zeevi, FineXpertise

The Account
“I’d always wanted to be on Instagram, but until I was 17, I never understood people were into it.” Maayan Zeevi, FineXpertise
Luxury fashion and influencer marketing are all the rage today. As a millennial, I understand this. I myself am just starting to explore the world of influencer marketing; we have had platforms like TikTok, Radar and Clubhouse in recent years. And Instagram is quickly catching up.
My course focus is on young entrepreneur startups and female entrepreneurs. Every week, we work with a specific group of entrepreneurs, and each week I develop a specific strategy utilising the feedback and insight gained from completing our weekly assignment.

From setting up newsletter automations for email marketing and launching Email Thought Leadership to stand out from the competition. From public relations’ social media and email campaigns to applying digital marketing lessons sown by the great experts at Ogilvy, Dentsu, Mastercard and Wolff Olins.

Why be left behind under active social media marketing, when you can also fully leverage social media for growth and traffic to your business. To be successful, small businesses and startups need all the help they can get!
Disclaimer: If you do not want to follow a strict set of steps to game social media platforms and drive up your traffic then then you should not be on social media for a while. These are the main things you need to know when it comes to social media and the advice from social media consultants.

It can be seen as a risky business to be on social media or even gaining Facebook and Instagram followers. This is especially the case for start ups because you are still building your business initially. Those first few loyal fans you did not expect as a business owner will be mainly your customers or potential customers who you wait to see grow before you start marketing to them.

“Almost all Facebook users are being induced to post at least once a day.”
Almost half of all users are changing their account location or removing their accounts entirely due to rule-breaking or unacceptable content. The way we are using these platforms determine if they are being abused whilst a majority of us use them within accepted social norms.

Advertising on social media is a traditionally ‘risky’ choice for business. While it allows users to enhance their businesses profile, there are a few things to consider to really nail down the ROI on social media advertising.

A lot of businesses choose to spend traditional advertising budgets, beyond the typical media spending channels such as radio, billboards, and TV. This way they can leverage it to improve the click-through rates (CTR), conversions and can use the cost as a marketing tool in all areas of the business.

The issue here is traditional advertising can be expensive and even a loss leader for your business. However, social media allows you to put all your campaign spend online and it often doesn’t cost a cent more. Of course you still need to implement some targeted campaigns to keep the ROI.

Obviously, you could choose to run everything offline which can work if you are well established with a bulging website or a trusted brand. However many businesses and online businesses choose to publish more content, in more channels. This is often described as a matter of ‘sustained presence’. Other start ups are effectively building social media businesses.