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Why a fresh start on your social media is a great marketing move

A long-running social media presence may be a point of pride for your business – but for some companies, making that fresh start can be the marketing move they need.

To grab the attention of your audience and be seen by the right people, starting over with your social media might be exactly what’s needed.

Here are just a few reasons why:

Your old content doesn’t reflect your current brand

Sometimes, a rebrand is exactly what’s needed to refresh your business and get it visible in the right ways.

But an old Instagram or Facebook feed filled with out-of-date branding can confuse new messaging.

While most of us prefer to view content in chronological order, social media platforms have other ideas – and with the algorithms how they are, it may be your older branding that potential customers see first.

Clarity is a must when it comes to connecting with customers, and a brand-new social feed can provide just that.

You’re advertising products or services you no longer provide

Again, you can blame the algorithm on this one. Social media viewing isn’t a linear process, and with the use of hashtags and similar searching methods, your audience may be finding services or products you no longer offer.

If you’ve done a 180 on your services or simply want to establish yourself in a different niche, then clearing up your social media can ensure your audience focuses on the here and now, instead of what’s been and gone.

You want to present something exciting and new

If you want to generate hype and anticipation for a new product or service, social media is a great place to start.

This move is getting more and more attention in digital marketing expert circles, with anything from celebrities to popular brands wiping their social media to build up that viewership ahead of a launch.

Combined with the Instagram countdown story feature, taking the leap to that fresh start and brand-new branding can be just what’s needed to get your business seen.

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