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Why The Facebook Pixel Is Important For Paid Advertising

As any seasoned marketing professional will know, paid advertising is a valuable tool that will help drive traffic to your company’s website and, ultimately, increase sales. If Facebook is amongst your paid advertising platforms, you may want to learn more about an application known as the Facebook Pixel, as it could help you to optimise traffic and conversion rates.

What exactly is the Facebook Pixel?

Put simply, the Facebook Pixel is a special website code that can help to keep track of conversion rates, put together targeted audiences for upcoming ads, optimise your marketing output, and remarket to users that have already interacted with your website.

The code works by tracking users with cookies, analysing the ways in which they react to your Facebook ads and your company website. If you’re already using the Facebook Pixel, it is important to make sure that you keep up with any application updates. Indeed, Facebook used to run two different kinds of pixel, one of which was discontinued in 2017.

Why your business needs the Facebook Pixel

If you want to come up with more effective Facebook ads and generate more user traffic through sharper targeting, then the Facebook Pixel is for you. Even if you are yet to start using Facebook ads, it is a good idea to install the Pixel as it will start accumulating data immediately, ready for use when you come to make your first advertisement.

How should you use the Facebook Pixel?

The Facebook Pixel can help to improve your marketing output in a number of ways, including:

1. Facebook retargeting

Data collected by the Facebook Pixel can be used to present targeted ads to web users who have interacted with your website. What makes the tool so powerful is that you can dig down to the small details. For example, if a customer starts making moves to purchase a certain item but abandons their cart before checking out, you can show them an ad for the same product.

2. Track conversion details

The Pixel can be used to ascertain how users interact with your website after coming across your Facebook ad. Amazingly, it has the capacity to break up this information according to the device used. For example, you will be able to detect whether customers are likely to view your ad on a mobile device but switch to a PC before making a purchase. This kind of information is very useful when refining your digital marketing strategy.

3. Create new audiences similar to current users

The Pixel can help you to generate audiences of Facebook users that have similar likes and interests to people who already interact with your website. This is a great way to generate a large customer base quickly and easily.

4. Gain access to a variety of new Facebook ad tools

There are a number of tools and metrics exclusive to the Facebook Pixel that could prove very useful for your paid ad strategy. These include, for example, applications that help build dynamic ads, custom audiences generators, and metrics trackers that look at data such as cost per conversion or cost per lead.

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