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Why you need to hire a social media expert

Recent worldwide events have forced many businesses to go online for the first time ever. If you’re one of them, having a strong social media presence can be an integral part of achieving online success, but only if it’s effectively managed with a strategic approach by a digital marketing expert.

A lot of people think that all they need to do in order to make sales online is have a website built, start a Facebook page and then watch the money roll in. The reality is somewhat different – you have to consider SEO, PPC, social media strategy and the overall digital output from a marketing perspective. It’s very easy to get this wrong and waste a lot of money in the process.

If all of that sounds confusing or intimidating to you, it’s time to hire a social media expert.

An effective social media strategy can make up for lost time when it comes to building an online presence. While your competitors may have built a strong online following and business over many years, a professionally managed social media strategy can see you playing catch up very quickly.

Don’t waste your money!

Social media is now a ‘pay to play’ game – you have to understand the advertising system, the organic reach and the platform-specific approach. Not all social media channels are the same, so the content that works on Facebook may be useless on Instagram or Twitter, for example. Hiring an expert in social media management can help you avoid these mistakes and stop you from wasting your valuable marketing budget.

Hiring a digital marketing expert to look after all of your social media will help make sure that your brand is professionally represented across all of your social media channels. It will tie into your brand voice, your purpose and it will speak to customers effectively.

Social media advertising for growth…

The beauty of advertising on social media is how precise it can be when managed by an expert. You can target only the people who will be a good fit for your product or service, making your marketing far more effective. Rather than waste time and money making mistakes online, why not hire a digital marketing expert and use your time to do what you do best, offer a great product and service to your customers!

See what your customers are doing…

Online marketing experts can perform an analysis of your competitors, see which keywords they are ranking for and then devise a strategy to get you ahead of them. All of this would be very difficult for an amateur to do, so experts will improve your digital marketing approach based on statistics and facts, not opinions. They can also tweak the strategy as business needs change.

If you feel as though my services could help you grow your business online, contact me today.

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