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Why your brand needs to adopt Instagram ads

While social media advertising is hardly anything new, many brands seem to forego Instagram advertising in place of other platforms. However, the tide has begun to change and now increasing numbers of businesses are recognising the value in Instagram ads, as the app is perfectly structured to allow businesses of virtually all industries to build brand awareness and drive conversions via eye-catching images, videos and audio.

If your brand has yet to integrate Instagram advertising into its campaign, here are some reasons why you should consider doing so in the very near future:

Instagram is fully integrated with Facebook advertising

As you’ll probably be aware, the photo-sharing giant Instagram is now owned by Facebook. This means that Instagram and Facebook advertising are now inextricably linked. This makes Instagram advertising much easier, as your digital marketing expert can take advantage of Facebook’s many customisation options, demographic targeting capabilities and diverse formatting.

Instagram users are ready to engage

When you combine Facebook’s advertising customisation with Instagram’s high engagement rate, you’ve got a recipe for a great return on investment. According to recent research, prospects on Instagram were nearly 60 times more likely to engage with sponsored or branded content than Facebook users, and 120 times more likely to engage than users of Twitter. It’s almost as if the platform was tailor-made for connecting with prospects – and it’s about time you harnessed its awesome marketing power.

Ad recall is greater on Instagram

In the sales funnel, its not always the case that prospects are ready to close right away. Some might want to do more research; some might be waiting until payday and others might simply be browsing social media after a busy day without an appetite for purchasing.

If you want prospects to remember your offer, you should be using Instagram advertising. Recent research found that ad recall is nearly three times higher on Instagram in comparison to other social networks.


What this ultimately means is that Instagram users are not just going to “like” your ad on social or click-through to your offer – but they’re also much more likely to remember what it is that you can do for them. When it comes to increasing brand awareness, make no mistake, Instagram advertising is king.

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