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5 benefits of using Facebook advertising for your business

As a business, you probably send out email marketing, have a social media presence, and engaging web design. But how well do you utilise Facebook advertising? Every business, no matter how small, really should be using Facebook’s advertising service. Below we explore 5 benefits of using Facebook advertising for your business.

1. Target your audience

One huge benefit of using Facebook advertising is that you can target a specific audience. This can be based upon a user’s behaviours, age, where they live and even interests. The way in which you can target people is far greater than other platforms. You should be actively looking for Facebook users who would buy or use your product or services.

2. You will reach many more people than organic content

You may think that if you have a Facebook business page that you don’t need to use Facebook advertising. But, the truth is that even when you post on your business page, only a small fraction of this content will be seen by potential customers. Facebook advertising will guarantee that more people are exposed to your services.

3. Connect with your customers

Facebook advertising will allow you to easily connect with your customers. What this means is that you are able to tap into remarketing. This is because when you use Facebook advertising, previous customers will see the ads and once again use your services.

4. The call to action button

Most ads on Facebook include a call to action button. This is highly effective as this will take potential customers to your website, or other desired location, helping you to grow your target and sales. A call to action button is also helpful, as many users will want more information about your product or services.

5. You simply can’t ignore Facebook

Finally, as a business, you simply can’t ignore Facebook. Billions of people use this daily and spend an average of 2 hours browsing their news feed. Many of your target audience will use Facebook to look for local services and products, so this means that you need to have a presence and advertise on Facebook. If you don’t, it is a missed opportunity.

If you would like to learn more about Facebook advertising or social media marketing services, then please do browse our website and get in touch with us today.

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