Here’s the legal stuff i have to put on my website.

Note:  Barrie Le is the trading name of FoundUB4 Ltd.

  • The Client/Supplier will be deemed to have read and understood the terms and conditions, before signing the social media service/s agreement form. The Client/Supplier who sign the social media service/s agreement form is accepting the services outlined in the agreement and the terms and conditions.
  • My flexible 30-day rolling contracts (after initial 3 month agreement) means you can pick any service you like, without committing to a 12 or 18 month contract. Simply pay monthly and have the assurance that if you’re unhappy for any reason, you just need to give 30 days’ notice in writing to Barrie at Late payments may result in work being paused without notice. Failure to pay may result in legal action being taken (which may affect your credit rating) All work is managed during office hours Monday – Friday
  • All communication confirmations will be in writing between The Contractor and The Client/Supplier.
  • Social media refers to the following (setting up and/or managing); Blogs, Keyword Searches, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Newsletters, Social Media Design, Social Media Planner, Social Media Strategies, Social Media Training, Surveys, Twitter and YouTube.
  • The Contractor will set up social media on The Client/Supplier behalf, based on the information given by The Client/Supplier.
  • The Contractor works are copyright of FoundUB4 Ltd, The Client/Supplier will not breach copyright laws, included but not limited to distribution, copy, unauthorised details, logos, templates and ideas.
  • The Contractor will complete social media works as written in the quotation, typically within seven (7) working days, or whatever is agreed upon with The Client/Suppler.
  • Social media services are designed to work with The Client/Supplier marketing plan. Social media management may include, but not limited to attaching links to website, blog and photos, which will be supplied by The Client/Supplier. The Contractor will correspond to new followers and tweeters. The Client/Supplier is responsible for social media complaint policies associated with their own business.
  • The work will commence at an agreed time after the full amount has been paid by The Client/Supplier and the money has been received by The Contractor. The agreed start date will be discussed in writing via email.
  • Social media services will occur automatically (auto tweets) on public holidays and correspondence will not take place until the next working day.
  • The Client/Supplier will give The Contractor full access to all business details required, including marketing material to collaborate an offline/online presence at all reasonable times for the purpose of carrying out social media services. Should The Contractor not be given access for any reason, the work will be deemed to be done and no refund will be given, unless mutually agreed in writing between The Contractor and
  • The Client/Supplier seven (7) days prior to the date of the proposed withdrawal of access.
  • Any extra works performed outside the social media descriptions are subject to change at the discretion of The Contractor and or The Client/Supplier. They should only be used as a guide by The Client/Supplier. The Contractor will confirm the cost of these services on request by The Client/Supplier. Such requests and acceptance may be made in writing or verbally.
  • All communication will be in English. The Contractor and The Client/Supplier will be deemed to have read and understood The Contractors terms and conditions and the social media application terms and conditions, such as but not limited to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.
  • Inappropriate language, pictures and spammers will not be accepted; they will be removed immediately and reported to the appropriate authorities.
  • The Client/Supplier will notify The Contractor in writing of any work which, in its reasonable opinion, is substantially lower than the standard that is usually provided by The Contractor. If both parties agree that the work is of a substantially lower standard then the work will be rectified by The Contractor as soon as practicable.
  • The Client/Supplier will be at liberty to terminate the service by giving one (1) month written notice from invoice date to The Contractor, provided the notice is given in writing.

1 Month Agreement Terms

  • If The Client/Supplier and The Contractor agree that the work is of a substantially lower standard than usual, The Client/Supplier will be at liberty to terminate the service by giving one (1) month written notice (from invoice date) to The Contractor, provided the notice is given within one (1) week of the last occurrence of the substandard work.
  • My flexible 30 day rolling contracts mean you can pick any service you like, without committing to a 12 or 18 month contract. Simply pay monthly and cancel within 30 days. Perfect for added peace of mind.
  • If The Client/Supplier wishes to pause the campaign for any reason not directly associated with The Contractor, payment of half the invoice amount is due on receipt for a maximum of 1 month.  This does not affect the initial 30 day notice period.
  • The Contractor will not be deemed responsible for decreases in sales, followers and/or friends. The Client/Supplier will be deemed responsible for the process of sale conversions.
  • All work including case studies is copyright of the contractor and will not be in breach of copyright as all information has been given to The Contractor from The Client/Supplier.
  • All accounts are to be paid in advance by The Client/Supplier via direct deposit before any works commence. Extra works requested by The Client/Supplier that are outside the scope of works agreed to in the social media service/s agreement, will require payment in full at The Contractors discretion to cover additional service/s costs, which will be due immediately before other services can be completed.
  • If The Client/Supplier does not elect to continue the service or the service is terminated for any other reason, the account for the final social media service is payable on the day following the last day of service. (a) if The Contractor is charged a bank fee due to an action by The Client/Supplier this amount is payable on demand by The Contractor; (b) questions regarding accounts should be directed to FoundUB4 Ltd’s Director Barrie Le Gall via email or phone 07590 329204.
  • Extra services must be agreed to in writing. If The Contractor is required to carry out a social media service after the agreed time frame, including but not limited to tweets, posts, setting up social media accounts, then The Client/Supplier will deem this as a necessary extended services and accept all extra works issued and will be due via direct deposit before extra works commence, which will be based upon an hourly day rate of £75.00 per hour, which will be prorated in 30 minute increments if the extra time is less or more than 1 hour, after the 1 hour minimum.
  • The Client/Supplier indemnifies The Contractor on a solicitor and own client basis against any costs incurred in recovering any amounts due under the service terms and conditions.
  • The Contractor will not sell The Client/Suppliers details to a third party or disclose any privacy details of The Client/Supplier to. Details include but not limited to contact details and product information.
  • The Contractor has the right to change the terms and conditions as required, including but not limited to privacy, pricing, services and products. It is The Client’s/Supplier’s responsibility to keep up to date by regularly reading the terms and conditions.
  • SEO work is governed by many factors, which are outside the direct control of FoundUB4, and indeed, any other SEO company. Therefore no reputable SEO company can guarantee particular results. FoundUB4 however guarantees an improvement in a client’s website organic search engine results month on month provided all advice is followed or FoundUB4 are allowed to implement changes suggested. Ranking results will be monitored and a report will be sent to the Client at the start of the following month. The monthly ranking will be an average of its position in Google.
  • Please bear in mind, your website’s ranking with a particular Search Term will rely on both the relevancy of that term on your pages, and the popularity of that term on other websites.
  • FoundUB4 cannot be held responsible for problems or additional costs arising due to any errors made by third parties.
  • FoundUB4 cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred by The Client for any PPC (Pay Per Click) costs that may not generate the expected results.
  • Although every effort is made to generate/increase conversions, FoundUB4 Ltd cannot guarantee the number of conversions you will receive.  It is important that the client actions any suggestions/recommendations to their website to enhance the performance of the campaign.  FoundUB4 Ltd operates on a no-refund policy.
  • You acknowledge and agree that FoundUB4 makes no specific guarantee or warranty regarding the search providers and publishers to which it submits advertising on your behalf, including placement of paid search advertising or any specific results. FoundUB4 does not warrant the number of calls, clicks, impressions, or website visits or that paid search advertising will appear in response to any particular query. FoundUB4  does not warrant that the performance will be error-free but will immediately act to correct errors once they have been identified.
  • Please ensure you have read and agree to the terms and conditions of work with FoundUB4 Ltd.
  • These Terms of Use may be revised from time to time by updating the website. You are bound by any such revisions and should therefore periodically visit this page to review the then current Terms of Use to which you are bound.

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