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4 proven ways to grow your Instagram following

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms out there, with millions of users engaging with posts and creating content every day.

Growing an Instagram following can be a great opportunity for social media marketing, opening up potential new customers or followers to your brand.

Here are my four favourite ways to grow your Instagram following!

Optimise your business bio

The first thing a potential follower will see when they click on your brand’s Instagram account is the biography, otherwise known as the account bio.

Optimise this and you can attract new followers, as you make it easy for them to see what your account is about and what your brand might be able to offer them. Create an alluring profile image or logo, have a quirky description of your business aims or ethics, and importantly, give people a way to reach out to you and a reason to follow.

Use popular hashtags

Hashtags are the heart and soul of Instagram, and you’ll need to use them to help grow your following.

When you post content, you can also post hashtags that will help potential new followers to discover your account. You can create your own hashtag to get your brand trending, but as you start to grow, you can also use popular hashtags that people will be searching for.

Follow other accounts

You can also follow other accounts that have a similar brand or work in the same field as you do. This can help to create engagement with other individuals or other businesses, and you can comment and share photographs to attract other followers over to your account, knowing already that they might be interested in what you have to offer.

Engage with your followers!

My all-important social media tip for growing your Instagram following is to engage with your followers, that’s the most important factor in social media marketing.

Engagement is key on Instagram, and showing that you respond to your follows, perhaps get to know their tastes or answer their questions, will give other potential followers a reason to follow you in return. Be responsive, be useful, and engage with people.

I can help you to grow your Instagram following and to generate more business. Contact me today to find out how I can help you turn your Instagram account into an invaluable business marketing tool.

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