Facebook Advertising / Lead Generation for Estate Agents

Facebook Advertising / Lead Generation for Estate Agents


Facebook is a powerful estate agent marketing tool. It not only has billions of users, but it also has some of the most sophisticated targeting tools available. Facebook lead generation might be one of the most lucrative ways for obtaining estate agent leads for your firm.

Here are five methods to use Facebook to get more estate agent leads:

Build A Facebook Business Page

To get estate agent leads on Facebook, first build a business page. This will be your Facebook home page. You may cultivate an audience by sharing information about your estate agent firm and uploading videos, images, and other content.

Your information should be both informative and searchable. Use keywords in your profile’s description to make it more visible. This includes mentioning your service area and any niche groups you serve, such as military, executives, move-up purchasers, empty nesters, etc.

Create Enticing Content

Utilise the various capabilities of your new Facebook estate agent business page to build your brand, reach, and generate Facebook leads. You can build your Facebook audience by posting material that engages your target demographic. This may include text, photos, and videos.

Your Facebook lead generating approach won’t work if you merely distribute listings or other people’s material. Instead, think about your target demographic and produce unique content for your postings.

To develop engaging personalised content, you must first identify your target audience and define your tone of voice.

Great Content 

Often new estate agents struggle to identify and comprehend their target demographic, but you shouldn’t strive to appeal to everyone when using Facebook marketing to create leads. The ability to swiftly become an expert on a small subset or niche client type makes you more appealing to clients that require specialised expertise.

For example, while promoting your estate agent business on Facebook, you may wish to target:

  • Homebuyers
  • Homesellers
  • Renters
  • Owner-Sold (FSBO)
  • Expired ads
  • Investors
  • Affording a home
  • Commercial property
  • Buyers or renters

You can target people based on their age, gender, income, job title, and many other factors. You may want to engage with first-time homebuyers in a specific town. You may then generate tailored content that addresses first-time homebuyers’ worries.

Voice And Emotional Appeal

Consider the tone of your Facebook posts when developing and planning them. Your material should be distinctive, engaging and approachable, and hopefully make readers feel something—laugh, learn something new, or think. Finally, content that provokes these feelings improves familiarity and trust.

Here are three popular strategies to evoke emotions in your Facebook followers to produce estate agent leads:

Join Facebook Groups

A estate agents’ social media strategy should include Facebook groups. They are generally filled with highly focused groups of people, including people who live in specific areas or work in specific cities or regions. There are probably several great and useful Facebook groups nearby. Look for local groups focused on pets, parenting, businesspersons, and other hobbies.

Local Facebook groups are a fantastic location to share listings. Even if you don’t share listings, joining groups can help. Such requests for local real estate brokers are ideal opportunities to present yourself. Please tag me in Facebook group postings and comment threads.

Promoted Content & Paid Ads

In order to expand your reach and increase your conversion rate, you should start to pay for promoted posts and estate agent advertisements on Facebook. Boosting your articles and running paid ads are two options.